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School pick up and drop off issues

Despite educational approach, problems persist at Harden Middle School during pickup and drop-off

It's been a couple of weeks since school started for students in Salinas, and News Channel 5 took a closer look at some safety concerns during pickup and drop-off times dating back to last year.

Don Roberto suspects arrested

Salinas police arrest three people connected to two jewelry store armed robberies

Salinas police say they've solved the two armed robberies at separate Don Roberto Jewelry stores. Investigators say they couldn't have done it without the help of the employees and witnesses who came forward.

How to talk to kids about tragedies

Parents learn how to explain tragedies, like Maddy Middleton, to their kids

It's been nearly two weeks since the death of 8-year-old Maddy Middleton in Santa Cruz. Since then, some parents are trying to figure out how to talk to their kids about it and keep them safe.

Pierre the Puppy finds forever home in Seaside

Pierre the Puppy finds forever home in Seaside

Eight-week-old Pierre has been in the local spotlight for several weeks now. A woman originally claimed to have found the Chihuahua abandoned in Oldtown Salinas, then it was revealed this week that it was a hoax. What's not a joke is that he now has a forever home. He was adopted by a Seaside family that lost their pet in the Monterey Dog Spa Fire.

Disney purchases new land in Anaheim for possible new park

The Walt Disney Co. has purchased three parcels of land near its Anaheim resort, causing many to speculate that the property could be used for a future park expansion.

All access playground planning

Santa Cruz all-inclusive playground project holds public meeting

When completed it will be the first all-inclusive playground in Santa Cruz County and Sunday parents and kids were able to give input on what they want it to look like.

Rabies warning in Monterey County

UPDATE: Cat tests positive for bat rabies in Monterey

A rabid cat recently reported in Monterey tested positive for bat rabies this week, according to the Monterey County Health Department.

Family of baby who drowned at campground asks community for help

23-month-old drowning at KOA Campground ruled accidental

Family members of an 23-month-old boy from Scotts Valley who drowned in hot tub earlier this week are asking for help from the community.

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