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broadnose sevengill shark

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium celebrates Shark Days this weekend

The Monterey Bay Aquarium presents "Shark Days" this weekend, Nov. 1-2.


State health officials lift quarantine for sport-harvested mussels

The California Department of Public Health's annual quarantine on mussels gathered by sport harvesters from the state's coastal waters ended Friday.

Local eye doctors warn against costume contact lenses

State warns wearing costume contact lenses could cause serious problems

A special warning is going out as many get ready to put on Halloween costumes.


Halloween safety tips for children and pets

A number of agencies have released safety tips to keep in mind as Halloween approaches. Here's a selection:

Making a Difference Stormy Blue

Making A Difference: Stormy Blue

Staying in the hospital can sometimes be anything but pleasant for patients. But one local man and his dogs are on a mission to change that. Here's more in this morning's Making A Difference.

Santa Clara County protesters bring attention to horses

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Gilroy neglected horses case taking too long, protesters say

People in Gilroy are outraged over an investigation into neglected horses they say has taken too long. The owner of those horses said Monday he's done nothing wrong.


Low-cost pet adoptions offered this weekend in Santa Cruz, Monterey counties

If you've been thinking about adopting a new furry or feathered friend, this weekend could be a good time for it.


New California Thursday initiative aimed at getting kids to eat local, healthy

As part of a new initiative aimed at getting students to eat health and local, thousands of students in California were going to be fed fresh lunches prepared solely with foods grown in California.

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