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Thousand visiting Central Coast Memorial Day weekend

Luis Hernandez-Abrau has been eyeing the Central Coast for some time.

Central Coast hotel rooms selling out Memorial Day Weekend

Whether it's four stars or two, Santa Cruz County is expecting hotels to fill-up.

Central Coasting: Capitola Cottages

Capitola’s scenic beauty, village charm and quaint shops make it one of the most coveted getaways.

Boosting pet safety at boarding facilities

As a local group continues pushing for higher safety standards at pet boarding facilities in Monterey, a state bill with similar goals is moving forward.

Things to do at the Elkhorn Slough!

Through the heart of Moss Landing, running about 8 miles inland is a meandering body of water called the Elkhorn Slough. within that area is the reserve.

CHOMP partners with Seafood Watch, promising to only serve ocean-friendly seafood

The Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula is committing to only serve ocean-friendly seafood.

Scientists seeing more sharks in Elkhorn Slough

For her thesis, Moss Landing Marine Labs graduate student Catarina Pien is studying sharks and rays in the Elkhorn Slough.

Event tackles conflicts and solutions for San Lorenzo River

The San Lorenzo River is front and center in the city of Santa Cruz. It provides water for 100,000 people as well as a habitat for endangered species. In recognition of National Rivers Day, community members and officials gathered in Santa Cruz to learn more about the viable resource.

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