Independence Day movie image

No. 5: "Independence Day"

There was a time (before "After Earth") when it wasn't summer without an epic Will Smith movie. There were the good ones ("Men in Black") and some not-so-good ones ("Wild, Wild West"), but no matter what the flick, you knew it was summer when Will graced the silver screen.

Was 1996's "Independence Day" the greatest story ever told? No. It was full of hackneyed and clichéd characters and situations.

And some of the dialogue? Cringeworthy. "Let's kick the tires and light the fires!" Oh, OK Harry Connick Jr., If you say so. And the ending was just laughable: How could Jeff Goldblum implant a computer virus on the alien mothership with a Macbook? Didn't the aliens have Norton Antivirus?

So why is this a classic? Just because. Cheesy and laughable though it is, it is a special effects powerhouse, and by the end of the show you wanted to go beat up E.T.