Man rescues deer in Waterloo

KWWL via CNN Newsource

Man rescues deer swept away in raging flood waters

A deer jumped into the raging Cedar River in Waterloo, Iowa, and was swept away but got stopped at a bridge when a man jumps in to get the animal.

Truman Capote

By New York World-Telegram and the Sun staff photographer: Higgins, Roger, photographer. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Truman Capote ashes sell for $45,000 at auction

More than 30 years after Truman Capote's death, fans of the famed author were able to get their hands on his personal items -- and his ashes.

Giraffe likes TV reporter


Giraffe gets chummy with reporter

Sometimes, it can be tough to be a TV reporter, especially when it comes to dealing with animals. At least this one was friendly.

Trump and Clinton drones

KGTV via CNN Newsource

Man creates, flies Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump drones

Otto Dieffenbach III creates 3D flying people and products for his company, Flyguy Promotions. For this election, he created a flying Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and sends them in the air around San Diego.

Police patrol car


Man pulled over used mannequin torso in carpool lane

California police pulled over a man driving in the carpool lane with a suspicious-looking passenger: a mannequin torso.

Humboldt penguin

Robert Linder/

Family mistook penguin for burglar

It is not every day you wake up to the sound of pots and pans crashing on the kitchen floor. It's even more peculiar when the culprit is a lost Humboldt penguin.

Texas lunch lady


Texas lunch lady loses 100 pounds on cafeteria diet

Meet the Texas lunch lady who lost 100 pounds by eating her school cafeteria's food for a year.


Flybrix via CNN

Legos take flight with new do-it-yourself drone kit

A California company is giving consumers a cheaper alternative to some of the drones on the market. Flybrix launched a do-it-yourself drone made from Legos.



Mel Brooks pretends to pull Obama's pants down

Comedy legend Mel Brooks pretends to pull President Obama's pants down after being presented with a National Medal of Arts at a ceremony at the White House.


Spider blamed for causing rollover car crash in Oregon

An unexpected visitor hitching a ride caused a rollover car wreck in Oregon.